A Sampling of Our Customers

We could include all of cusgtomers here, but because of space limitations, here's just s sampling.

Please find Hitec customers speak out as below sampling:
'You are the best industrial partner. I am really impressed with the outstanding quality and service. '--- Mr. Varun, from India
'I much appreciated the professional business contact from Hitec. We appreciated the information you have sent us concerning CNC roll processing machine. We do choose the right machine without any money waste' ---- Mr. Howard from Philippines
'Would you please confirm the status of our new order for 2 machines? We need them very badly here'--- Mr. Naren from India
'As of now, we have encountered no problem yet and are pleased with the machine'--- Mr. Darmono from Indonesia

1) PAG-ASA Steel Works, Inc. Philippines
2) PT. Inter World Steel Mills, Indonesia
3) PT. Toyogiri Iron & Steel, Indonesia
4) Jagdamba Steels P. Ltd. Nepal
5) Ahmed and Brothers Re-rolling Mills Limited, Dhaka, Bangladesh
6) Bashundhara Group, Dhaka, Bangladesh
7) Alam Group of Companies, Uganda
8) TOP Metals Limited, Logos, Nigeria
9) Universal Rolling W.L.L. Bahrain
10) Magadh Steel Industries Pvt. Ltd. India
11) Hill Metals Est. Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
12) Golestan Rolling Mill, Iran
13) GEO Steel LLC, Georgia
14) Imad Sabouni & Co., Aleppo, Syria
15) Lancer Steel Industries, Nigeria
16) Thai Steel Profile Co., Ltd., Bangkok, Thailand

17) Tanshan Steel & Iron Co., Ltd. Bar Factory
18) Chengde Steel & Iron Group Continuous Rolling Factory
19) Laiwu Iron & Steel Group Rolling Factory
20) Gansu Jiuquan Steel & Iron Co., Maintenance Factory
21) Hunan Zhuzhou Carbide Material Factory Fine Processing Branch Factory
22) Anshan Steel & Iron Group Xinyang Steel Co., Ltd.
23) Beijing Capital Steel Group Section Steel Rolling Factory
24) Xuanhua Steel & Iron Co., Ltd. Bar Factory
25) Chengde Steel & Iron Group Bar Factory
26) Liaoning Benxi Beiying Steel & Iron Co., Ltd. Northern Steel Rolling Factory
27) Ma'anshan Steel & Iron Co., Ltd. High Speed Wire Rod Factory
28) Guanzhou Steel & Iron Co., Ltd. Continuous Rolling Factory
29) Jiangxi Pingxiang Steel & Iron Co., Ltd. 3rd Rolling Factory
30) Xinjiang Bayi Steel & Iron Co., Ltd. Small Section Mill
31) Handan Steel & Iron Bar Factory
32) Tianjing Steel & Iron Group 2nd Rolling Mill
33) Heilongjiang Jianglong Steel Industry Co., Ltd. Bar Factory
34) Xichang New Steel Industry Co., Ltd. Bar Factory
35) Ningxia Hengli Steel & Iron Co., Ltd.
36) Hebei Tangshan Steel & Iron Co., Ltd. Bar Factory
37) Tianjing Steel & Iron Co., Ltd. New Rolling Mill
38) Beijing Capital Steel Group New Type Rolling Factory
39) Hebei Chunxing Industry Co., Ltd.
40)Guandong Shaoshan Steel Group Songshan Co., Ltd. 5th Rolling Factory
41) Guandong Shaoshan Steel Songshan Co., Ltd. 6th Rolling Factory
42) Jiangsu Hongtai Steel Co., Ltd.
43) Fujiang Sangang Mingguan Co., Ltd. Bar Factory
44) Ezhou Hongtai Steel Co., Ltd.
45) Shagang Group
46) ACIERIES De Cote D'ivoire, Ivory Coast