We will be with you in a team and will never leave you alone after purchase. 

HITEC Experts’ CNC training will get you up to speed fast.

All CNC trainings are held on-site, in your shop, on your machine, and are geared towards your specific machining needs. Get your shop up to speed and making money fast...

We always work together with our customers. Help them maintaining their market order, strengthening their competition in the market...

If you feel confusion or doubt about machine's selection from China or Europe, please feel free to contact us . 
If you want further technical discussion/support, please contact us for assistance.
If you sample cutting test in our machine as per your drawing before purchasing, please contact us immediately.
If you need good training or technical support for your job, please contact us without any hesitate.
If you have any technical question during working, please feel free to contact us. 
If you need to purchase spares or tools for your correct job and long working life for your machine, please feel free to contact us.

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Or write to Hitec G.M personal email for quick attention at markyichao@263.net