Economic CNC Roll Notching & Marking Lathe
    Publish time 2018-05-30 19:05    


·It is ideal name writing (name marking) machine. A piece of marking tool is able to do marking about 100 passes. The cost for one pass marking is only about US$1.00. 
·All English letters from A to Z and all numbers from 0-9 have been stored in CNC programs. You can pick up any English letter and number for name writing by yourself.  
·Besides that this machine is able to do crescent notching (China GB standard). (BS standard and other international standard are not available by this machine. If you need international standard notching and name writing by CNC, please choose model XK500CJ or CK850D, CK850E)
·Germany SIEMENS ‘802S’ controller c/w ‘step motor’. Beat all China made PC base controller  
·Fast notching and logo marking.  
·Automatic lubricant pump give guide way lubricant automatically. Avoiding lack of lubrication by one-shot manual lubricant pump.
·Available for Ni-Cr casting iron roll, S.G roll, Adamite roll and H.S. steel roll.