CNC Roll Notching & Marking Lathe
    Publish time 2018-05-30 19:07    


·FULL AUTOMATIC notching from first groove to the last one for same size. 
·Notching & logo marking by one machine
·Unique design with two patents! (Patent No.ZL02220606.X & ZL02264029.0)
·Germany ‘SIMENS 802D’ controller (this industry class CNC beats all PC-base CNC controller. No more worry about program lost or crash by PC-base controller.)

·High efficiency! Efficiency is four times than that of XK500A/XK9350. 
·Notching on one groove (pass) is about 15 minutes and may be less. 
·Logo marking on one groove (pass) is ONLY about 10 minutes. 
·It is ideal for name writing (name marking). A piece of marking tool is able to do marking about 100 passes. The cost for one pass marking is only about US$1.00. No any EDM marking can beat with.  
·Designed for international market. 100% meet international standard. Such as: BS (British Standard), JIS (Japan standard), ASTM (American standard), GB (China standard), SNI (Indonesia standard), IS (India standard), ISO6935-2 (International standard) and customer local national standard…
·Resin casting bed with twin square guide way guarantee its rigidity.
·Double long working life than that of XK9350 series.
·Independent fly-cutter notching head c/w independent servomotor & drive for stable & reliable notching.
·Independent swivel marking head c/w independent servo motor & drive for fast logo marking
·Automatic lubricant pump give guide way lubricant automatically. Avoiding lack of lubrication by one-shot manual lubricant pump.
·Independent electrical cabinet built with SIEMENS, YASHIKAWA, SCHNEIDER electrical components for long working life. Better cooling, better dust-proof, better shockproof protect electrical components for long working life. 
·Available for many kinds of rolls notching. Such as high Ni-Cr casting iron roll, S.G roll, Adamite roll, and H.S. steel roll and carbide ring. 

·Main Specifications:

Cutting tool sharpening grinderOPTIONS:

Special designed for notching tool and marking tool sharpening. Help customer saving consumer tools cost by this machine.

·Air conditioner for electrical cabinet
Please consider order air conditioner for electrical cabinet, if your location is very hot. It will provide good protection to electrical components inside of cabinet for longer working life.

·UPS (Uninterruptible Power System)
Sudden power off may break the notching tool; damage notches and/or CNC machine if it happens very often in your power supply network. Such as: Africa, India, and Bangladesh etc. We would like to recommend you purchasing an industrial class on-line UPS with 30 minutes backup power and 10KVA capacity for this machine.

·Consumer items for HS850E
HITEC manufactures its designed spares and consumer items. Original spares will guarantee your CNC machine working well for long working life.

·On site CNC training
We never leave you alone after your purchase of CNC machine. Expert HITEC CNC training will get you up to speed fast. For most customers, five working days are all it usually takes.
All CNC trainings are held on-site, in your shop, on your machine, and are geared towards your specific machining needs. Get your shop up to speed and making money fast, learn the correct way to program, set tools and operate the CNC machine from the start.